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Sandrews, the main real estate agency of Alt Empordà. We are a multidisciplinary team of professio- nals covering a spectrum of activities ranging from the strictly technical field of providing support to housing construction to the contractual achievement of the tran- saction through our legal team, including the most important step, real estate marketing promotion that in fact grants us the sale.

Sandrews is a way of guaranteeing familiarity, kindness and closeness and winning clients’ empathy from the very beginning, a hard task in our field, especially in these days. These qualities inspire us when it comes to convincing and selling. In Sandrews we are committed to our objective: finding spaces where people are able to enjoy themselves and have a better life.



Our business philosophy is based on coherence, transparency, client commitment, honesty and pro- fessionalism. Those aspects have been confirmed in the business image we have nowadays. There- fore, we believe that engaging in communication and dialogue with every actor that participates in a project is the only way of achieving positive dynamics.

We believe that our success has arisen from combining a strict methodology for real estate marke- ting promotion with educating and approaching clients in order to become friends with them, our best and most effective way of advertising.

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