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The Sandrews team is made up of two groups, the first one performs all the tasks related to attending and understanding the clients and empathising with them, in order to help them find the real estate of their dreams, whereas the second group complements and facilitates their work by carrying out all the necessary audiovisual and multimedia coverage, performing constructive techni- cal studies and preparing the relevant contracts as per law.

Under this structure and with more than 20 years in the marketplace, we have developed our own unique and integral 360° method that guarantees reliability and full client satisfaction. This method establishes Sandrews & Family’s greater level in comparison with other real estate agencies.



Our Commercial Department, due to its sales psychology, is in charge of analysing the potential buyers to get a better understanding of their necessities. This process enhances the efficiency of each of their visits, which are never in vain. Moreover, our department’s knowledge in terms of interior decoration allows us to explain the potential of each real estate to the prospective buyers, once we understand their taste and necessities.


Our Multimedia and Communication Department carries out a personalised real estate campaign to highlight the values added in each case in particular. We will post the sale offer in different portals that we collaborate with: Habitaclia, Idealista, Yaencontre, Fotocasa, Tucasa, AnuncioNeon, Anuncit, Gran Manzana, Instalate, Mas Profesional, Mi Casa, Mitula, Pisos Casas, Trovit, Venta de Pisos, Wolrd Immo, Green Acres, Spain Houses, Think Spain and Di Vendo, as well as in our own catalogue.


With our Financial Department the threaten of not being able to get a mortgage loan and therefore to execute the sale disappears. The department personally arranges with financial agencies the applicant’s suitability to get a mortgage loan, in order to achieve the objective intended both by buyer and seller: to execute the deed conveying title.


Our Legal Department manages all the legal and urban necessities of each real estate, providing the comfort of knowing that any potential legal or urban incoherences will never be a problem throughout the sale process. This is important considering the amount of time and money saved by avoiding those issues.


Legal security of an agreement. Under this motto, our Notarial Department is in charge of processing all documentation necessary to execute a purchase agreement under public signature. This provides both seller and buyer with tranquillity and professionalism.

Fulfil your desires

Finally, fulfill your wishes and open the door of your dreams.

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